Magic Party

If you wish to book a child's birthday party, consider a Magic Party from Ian Lowe, a professional and friendly children's entertainer and magician in Newcastle, Sunderland or Durham areas.

The Magic Party is an hour and a half of games, magic and balloon modelling. If you are going to feed the kids too, say, after the first hour, then the show should stretch to two hours. Book Ian; book a venue for two hours; and that's all you need do!

Ian Lowe provides many different shows from birthday parties to in-store entertainment.

If you wish to book a child's birthday party, consider the Magic Party and you can relax and leave it all to Ian from the moment the kids arrive to the moment Ian hands out the party bags as they leave.         


Looking for something shorter?

If you are looking for something shorter, choose the one hour show of magic and balloons. You lose the games, prizes and party bags, but retain all the benefits of making the day special with the birthday card, and the present.

All you do is provide the kids.

Benefits of the Magic Party :

A large balloon model for the birthday child.
This starts the party off right by making the birthday child feel this is going to be a special party just for them.

A Birthday Card
During the show, the kids choose some words and a picture. Ian will do a short routine with the birthday child, who makes the magic happen, and they produce a birthday card.

A Birthday Present
If you provide a small present, wrapped up, Ian can do another routine with the birthday child and produce the present by magic. This all helps make this a memorable day.

All the boys and girls receive a balloon model. 

Good quality prizes with the games 

Party Bags for all the kids 

"I just wanted to say how great today was. You were fantastic!! The kids really enjoyed the show and the balloons were totally amazing . Best of all, while you kept the kids happy with the show, it gave us much needed time to get on with organising everything else. We couldn't have done it without you. xx."